Panel discussion - What has to change to increase Rust adoption in industrial companies

By Michał Fita and James Munns

Panel - Wednesday, 29 May

The future is memory-safe programming – so what’s stopping the Rust takeover? Our panel discussion will talk about what hurdles exist from company uncertainty to the Rust foundation and what developers can do to push Rust adoption for innovation.


Michał Fita

Michał Fita started programming on binaries and moved on to BASIC. Since the beginning of his career, he’s been working with C++ and embedded systems. His Rust career began with the first Oxidize conference in 2019, getting his first opportunity to run Rust on embedded systems. Once discovering the gaps that Rust filled, Michał has written more Rust code into his working life while also pushing for better adoption of Rust in the Linux kernel.

James Munns

James is an Embedded Systems Engineer at OneVariable UG. He has worked in industries ranging from safety critical avionics to Internet of Things, and today primarily helps companies with development in the Rust programming language, and advising companies on Systems Engineering topics.

Daniel Frassinelli

Daniel Frassinelli is co-founder and CTO of Veecle, a startup that develops a Rust runtime for safety-critical usage. He comes with a strong security background and, since 2019, has been leading the development of Veecle’s Rust efforts.

Steve Klabnik

Former Rust Core Team member, engineer at Oxide Computer Company

Moderator - Florian Gilcher

Co-founder and managing director of Ferrous Systems. Rust trainer since 2015.