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A conference about Embedded Systems and IoT development in Rust

April 26th-29th 2019
Berlin, Germany

Oxidize is a four day event: one day of guided workshops for developers looking to start or improve their Embedded Rust skills, one day of talks given by members of the community, and a two day development session focused on expanding and building Embedded Systems in the Rust Programming Language



April 26th, 2018

The OxidizeConf Workshops are full day workshops. Tickets for the OxidizeConf Workshops are sold separately from Conference tickets.

The following workshops will be offered at Oxidize:

Workshop Topic Trainers
Beginner This workshop is an introduction to developing embedded systems using the Rust programming language. Participants will learn about the tools and libraries commonly used, how to interface with items on and off of the microcontroller, and will build their first driver for an external component. Led by Ferrous Systems
Advanced This workshop is for developers already familiar with embedded systems in Rust, who are looking to extend their knowledge. Participants will interface with an IEEE 802.15.4 wireless radio, and exercises will focus on developing efficient, concurrent, and portable low level software. Led by Ferrous Systems
Real Time for the Masses This workshop is focused on the Real Time for the Masses concurrency framework, and will demonstrate the simplicity of developing embedded applications using the RTFM framework, from a small blinky to a fully fledged system. This workshop covers a wide range of topics, and is a great choice for developers between the Beginner and Advanced levels Led by Emil Fresk, PhD and Per Lindgren, PhD

Participants will be provided all embedded hardware necessary for the course.


Conference Talks

April 27th, 2018

The Oxidize Conference is the main event, showcasing the use of Rust in the Embedded Systems domain, with a focus on real world and production use-cases.

We are inviting the Rust and Embedded communities to submit talks for our conference! Conference Talks will be selected through a Call for Proposals (CFP) process. Details and deadlines of the CFP process will be announced shortly. We welcome both hobbyists and professional developers to submit their proposals. Both beginner and experienced speakers are expressively welcome! OxidizeConf has 6-8 regular speaking slots, depending on the length of the individual talks.

ThoughtWorks Berlin
Zimmerstra├če 23
10969 Berlin, Germany

Impl. Days

April 28th-29th, 2018

Impl. Days are a two day event for Embedded Rust contributors to collaborate in an active programming session. They will take place on the two days following the OxidizeConf talks and workshops, on Sunday, April 28th and Monday, April 29th 2019.


Impl. Days are open to any attendees with a valid Conference or Workshop ticket.

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