Exploring Slint as a Rust Alternative to QML for GUI Development

By David Vincze

Talk - Thursday, 30 May

In the dynamic world of GUI development, QML has emerged as a powerful solution for Embedded UIs, offering a declarative approach within the Qt framework. Yet, the dependency on Qt and its C++ and JavaScript languages for business logic introduces inherent risks and the potential for bugs that manifest only at runtime, prompting developers to seek safer alternatives.
In our pursuit of a safer and more robust alternative, we turn to Slint, which offers a fresh perspective for developers familiar with QML. We delve into the similarities, advantages, enhancements, challenges, and intricacies of adopting Slint in the context of QML development.
Is the transition to Slint a worthwhile endeavor? Join us as we discuss this question, exploring the feasibility, benefits, and potential pitfalls of integrating Rust and Slint into the GUI development landscape.



David Vincze

David is a senior software engineer at FELGO. Equipped with a strong C++ & Qt background, he gained vast experience in the automotive industry and product development.
David is passionate about learning new technologies and applying them in practice to tackle all kinds of challenges. Currently, his main focus is on Rust.