Writing Rust bindings for ThreadX

By Sojan James

Talk - Thursday, 30 May

This talk drives into the process of developing Rust bindings for a small Real-Time Operating System suitable for micro-controllers, ThreadX. Practical strategies for creating unsafe bindings, a safe Rust API and creating Rust applications that use the facilities of the OS.



Sojan James

Sojan James is an Electronics and Communication Engineer with over two decades of experience in system software, including the development of multiple software platforms. Throughout his career, he has worked on a wide range of projects, including Set-top boxes, Multimedia DSPs, Automotive Infotainment, Clusters, Automotive Telematics, and Electric mobility systems. His hands-on experience and practical insights have positioned him as a trusted advisor in architecting software platforms for automotive products.
Sojan is an early adopter and advocate of the Rust programming language, recognizing its potential for creating robust and efficient software solutions.
Outside of work, Sojan enjoys building electronic circuits, amateur radio operation, and sailing.