Moving Electrons with Rust

By Josh Junon

Talk - Wednesday, 29 May

Last year, Josh went from nearly no electronics engineering knowledge to a fully working custom PCB in nine months. Using an STM32 microcontroller and custom firmware written in async Rust, he turned a hobby project into a key component of kernel CI/CD testing pipelines. Let him tell you about what he learned.


Josh Junon

Josh Junon is a software engineer of 20+ years and the creator of the Oro Operating System project. He’s worked within the OSS community for 15 years, most of which was spent in the Node.js golden era, but switched to C/C++ about 10 years ago, and Rust about 3 years ago - the language he works with the most now. He’s worked at Uber, ZEIT (Vercel), and a number of other interesting companies. He currently works as a senior Rust developer at GitButler.