C++ Migration Strategies

By Till Adam and Florian Gilcher

Talk - Wednesday, 29 May

Memory safe software is being pushed as the way of the future – but has a heavy legacy. The limitations of C++ have become clear in today’s data-driven landscape and there are new languages that can solve these problems. This talk will focus on how Rust can modernize the tech stack without requiring a full rewrite.

We’ll discuss the features of Rust, what pitfalls and challenges can stall a successful implementation, and how it can play well with others allowing companies to modernize the existing legacy and innovate more efficiently, effectively and safely in the future.



Till Adam

Till has been working with C and C++ as a developer, consultant and trainer for about 25 years. He helps lead KDAB, a company that, among other things, supports organisations in their adoption of Rust and explores and establishes best practices around the integration of Rust with legacy code bases and languages. Till lives in Berlin with a bunch of kids and a bunch of ukuleles.


Florian Gilcher

Co-founder and managing director of Ferrous Systems. Rust trainer since 2015.