Keynote - How Rust Makes Oxide Possible

By Steve Klabnik

Talk - Wednesday, 29 May

As Rust gets more and more production usage, many of the examples people talk about are fairly high level: things like web applications. While that’s great, isn’t this supposed to be a “systems” programming language? What about more traditionally low level tasks, like firmware, operating systems, and microcontrollers?

Oxide Computer Company is building a new kind of server hardware, and is using Rust to do it. From the root of trust, to the firmware, to the “totally not a BMC,” up through the host operating system, control plane, and backend of the HTTP API to interact with it all: Rust has been so crucial to Oxide’s success that it’s in the name of the company!

In this talk, Steve will tell tales of using Rust in production for the past five years, building a new system from the hardware up.


Steve Klabnik

Former Rust Core Team member, engineer at Oxide Computer Company