Introduction to Rust for Safety Critical Systems

By Jonathan Pallant

Workshop - Tuesday, 28 May

A one-day workshop with senior embedded engineer Jonathan Pallant to get an overview into how Rust can be used as part of your functional-safety and high-security systems, including a look at Ferrocene, the ISO26262- and IEC61508-qualified Rust toolchain.

Topics will include:

  1. What Ferrocene is, and isn’t
  2. Using criticalup to install Ferrocene
  3. Living without cargo
  4. Building #![no_std] applications
  5. Testing in QEMU
  6. Wrapping a C API - looking at Rust on ThreadX and FreeRTOS


Attendees should be systems programmers familiar with developing basic Rust CLI applications, along with a familiarity with Rust terms like traits and generics.
No experience with no-std development is required.

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Jonathan Pallant

Rust programmer since 2016. Co-founder of the Rust Embedded Working Group. Full-time Rust consultant and trainer. Part-time writer/designer of a home-brew open source Operating System in Rust and the open-source computer it runs on. Can be blamed for Rust support for - PS/2 Keyboards, SD Cards on microcontrollers, several RTOSes, the RP2040 microcontroller, the BeagleBoard X15, the Nordic nRF9160, and probably more I’ve forgotten.