Leveling up Hardware Production with Rust

By Ryan Summers

Talk - Thursday, 30 May

Traditionally, manufacturing processes for hardware have remained in the past, where programming tools are provided by chip vendors and are treated as black boxes that companies program their devices with. With the advent of Rust and modern libraries like Probe.rs, we can level up the field of hardware production with precise control of programming tools and open-sourced protocols.
In this talk, we will discuss ways that Probe.rs and Rust can be used in hardware production environments, with specific topics addressing device-specific configuration (such as unique keys and calibration data) as well as manufacturing testing. Listeners will learn how Rust and modern libraries can be used to improve the quality of their hardware production processes and also inspire new approaches to building embedded hardware.



Ryan Summers

Ryan is a technical embedded engineering consultant specializing in medical devices and safety-critical systems. He has worked on embedded projects ranging from emergency abort systems for spacecraft to implanted neurostimulators. Ryan is also a co-founder of forged.dev and is working to improve embedded manufacturing practices.