A Journey to Fullstack Mobile Game Development in Rust

By Stephan Dilly

Talk - Thursday, 30 May

Mobile game development was dominated by Unity and inherently C# for over a decade. The future lies with open-source technology and significant improvements in developer experience, productivity, and performance. This talk shows how Rust is ready for it today!
This talk will take you on a journey through time, of adopting Rust more and more in mobile games over the last 5 years. Starting with shy shared libraries wrapped up behind c interfaces used in a Go-backend and a C# frontend, over pure Rust Backends using Warp to now finally Fullstack Rust Mobile Games with the recently launched title Zoolitaire.



Stephan Dilly

Stephan Dilly spent the last 15+ years of his career in the games industry in various roles. Starting as a C++ programmer, he finally found his calling with Rust in 2018. In the OpenSource space, he actively maintains GitUI a terminal tool written in Rust, and Live-Ask.com a fullstack Rust web app.
He founded Gameroasters in 2019 working with Clients like InnoGames, GoodGameStudios as well as Kolibri, and developed a gaming backend-as-a-service for mobile games in Rust and successfully sold the company.
After spending 2 years as a senior manager, coaching and mentoring engineers in digital finance, Stephan now focuses on building his new startup Rustunit providing specialized Rust consulting services while betting on Bevy as the mobile game technology of the future.