The fullest stack - Rust applications spanning everything from embedded to servers and the browser

By Anatol Ulrich

Talk - Wednesday, 29 May

A rarely touted strength of Rust is “write once, compile anywhere”. This talk explores how this approach can be leveraged to develop complex projects in 100% Rust even though they span vastly different platforms, e.g. a fleet of embedded devices reporting data to the cloud which processes it and renders it on a web (or native!) client, leading to very low friction and strong vertical integration.
Includes a live-demo!


Anatol Ulrich

Anatol Ulrich writes software professionally since 25 years. With a background in mission critical and high performance applications he has always worried about bugs caused by memory safety or inexpressive type systems. Since discovering Rust in 2018 he hasn’t looked back and now focuses exclusively on Rust development and trainings.