Build cross-platform GUIs in Rust

By Michael Winkelmann

Workshop - Tuesday, 28 May

Overview of the workshop:

As a low level language, Rust is perfectly suitable for making user interfaces the old fashioned way, with native APIs. Rust’s expressiveness and high level abstractions make it ideal for building intricate and complex user interfaces. However, writing a GUI application in today’s world typically means supporting many platforms.

This workshop introduces Slint, a Rust based declarative GUI toolkit, and will show you how to build GUI applications with Rust. By the end of the workshop, you will have built a fully functioning cross-platform application in Rust. Little to basic Rust knowledge is sufficient to follow the contents of the workshop.

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Michael Winkelmann

Michael Winkelmann is an independent software consultant and has been building cross-platform GUIs for more than 10 years. For more than 7 years he worked for the Qt Company as a consultant, helping customers to succeed with their software projects by giving trainings, workshops and code audits. Since 2020 he is a Rust language enthusiast.