Our journey in certifying OxidOS for ISO26262 ASIL-D

By Alexandru Radovici and Georgiana Vlădulescu

Talk - Thursday, 30 May

This talk presents the lessons that we have learned while working to certify OxidOS, an operating system fully written in Rust. OxidOS is designed to be a safety critical certified version of Tock, an open source operating system for small ECUs.
From the lack of tools and methods, to ways of improving the ASPICE process, we will present all the issues that we had and still have in this process and the solutions that we have implemented.



Alexandru Radovici

Alexandru Radovici - I’m working at the confluence of academia and industry - CEO of a start-up bringing Rust into automotive and teaching programming and Operating Systems using Rust in the largest Computer Science Department in South-East Europe.
I am a board member of the Rust Foundation and a Core Working Group member of Tock OS, an open source operating system written in Rust.


Georgiana Vlădulescu

Georgiana Vlădulescu is in charge of certification at OxidOS Automotive, a start-up committed to developing Rust for embedded systems. She has experience as both a programmer and a trainer and is currently leading the certification effort for OxidOS, an operating system fully written in Rust.