Sponsor Packages

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2 500€
1 000€
Sponsor Passes
Registration Passes included 8 4 2 1
50% discounted passes 8 4 2 2
On the Website
Your Logo
Logo on Mainpage
Detailed Company profile*
Mention in Blog post
Blog post on day of Event*
Logo in every Newsletter email
On Twitter
A tweet before before the event
A "presented by" tweet on the day
At the conference
Space to distribute freebies*
Conference display stand*
5-min talk before Keynote
Dedicated Company Area**
Banner at Stage*
Logo on Poster
Post conference
Logo in Video Recording
Own "presented by" Screen on Video

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Additional sponsorship opportunities

Diversity Supporter — 500€+

Support Oxidize’s diversity efforts!

The flexibility of this sponsorship option (500 Euros or more) also allows for companies who are not particularly interested in any of the more expensive sponsorship tiers to support Oxidize’s work in making the Rust community even more welcoming.

This sponsorship option includes a mention and small logo on the website in the “Diversity Sponsors” block, as well as a shoutout in the opening and closing remarks with logo on slide.

Implementation Days Sponsor — 1 500€

Includes sponsorship for the Implementation Days, two days of working together on enriching the Embedded Rust ecosystem, right after the conference.

The sponsorship helps us in booking venues that can host the ~200 people comfortably in spaces that are suited for workshop-kind of activities, and making sure they are well caffeinated for the work they are doing.

The sponsorship includes special shout-outs as the enabler of the impl days during the days of the conference and the impl days, as well as on the website and social media.

Live Transcription Sponsor — 2 000€

Help us make Oxidize more inclusive!

Live transcription can make the conference more accessible, not just for the people with hearing-related disabilities, but for every attendee making the talks more easily understandable even for non-native speakers of English.

The sponsor will receive a special shout-out for helping us providing live transcription, as well as able to provide one roll-up banner to be exhibited near the live transcription projection screen(s).

Coffee Sponsor — 2 000€

Help us keep Oxidize’s attendees well-caffeinated and alert at all times!

For a conference that happens over a weekend, it’s always important to make sure the attendees are up for whatever we can throw at them - even after a demanding week at work. This sponsorship allows us to provide them with coffee and tea throughout the whole weekend.

The sponsorship allows the sponsor to provide one roll-up banner that will be presented next to the served coffee. The sponsor can provide a logo or graphics of their choice that will be printed on paper cups available at these stations.

Oxidize reserves the right to refusing to include graphics on the coffee cups that go against the Oxidize Code of Conduct, the values of the conference or the Rust community. In case a suitable graphics cannot be agreed upon, Oxidize refunds the sponsorship amount and the sponsorship agreement is deemed canceled.

Afterparty (a.k.a. Karaoke) Sponsor — 2 000€

Support the closing social event after the conference’s talk day!

This sponsorship level includes a mention in the schedule and the day-closing remarks for the Afterparty sponsor.

Please note: the afterparty sponsorship does not give the sponsor any rights for prescribing the way the sponsorship is spent, choice in venue or included food and drinks. Oxidize is strictly against serving free alcohol at Oxidize events, and the sponsorship will not be used for such, either, but depending on the selected venue, alcoholic drinks might be available for purchase for the attendees of the event.

Note: all additional sponsorship options can be selected individually, or as add-ons to any of the sponsorship tiers, with the exception of the Afterparty Sponsor option which can only be selected as an add-on to any (Bronze…Platinum) sponsorship package.

Note: The Platinum sponsorship tier is only available to one sponsor, and is assigned on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Interested in Sponsoring?

Email: oxidize@ferrous-systems.com