War stories from teaching Rust and Embedded simultaneously

By Oliver Scherer

Talks - Saturday, 27th April
9:45 A.M

Learning how to develop software for embedded devices has been a treacherous road for a long time. Dangers of undefined behaviour coupled with quirks of embedded devices and “beginner” fallacies cause many promising developers to shy away from embedded development. While Rust’s memory safety features aren’t a silver bullet to these problems, the crate ecosystem has allowed students to learn and carry over their experiences to next year’s students. In this talk we present the self-reflective teaching methodology used and show anecdotes of common or prominent stumbling blocks.



Oliver Scherer

I am a computer science researcher at KIT since 2014 and started teaching Rust regularly in 2016. Since Rust 1.0 I contributed frequently to the Rust compiler and its constant evaluator and have joined the compiler team in 2018. In my time at KIT I mentored several bachelor theses on developing embedded software safely by using Rust specific features.