RISC-V and Rust: Embedded Systems Done Right

By Arun Thomas

Talks - Saturday, 27th April
11:40 A.M

How should you build an embedded system in the 21st Century?

In this talk, I argue the open RISC-V architecture and the Rust systems programming language are two critical building blocks for embedded systems of the future. Together, they provide a strong foundation for building flexible, secure, reliable embedded systems.

I will discuss how Rust and RISC-V make embedded developers more productive. I will give an introduction to the RISC-V architecture and an overview of the hardware/software ecosystem. I will also discuss the status of Rust on RISC-V and walk through the process of developing Rust for RISC-V targets. This talk is meant to be a quick start guide for Rust hackers who are new to RISC-V.

Thanks to RISC-V and Rust, “[Embedded] systems programmers can have nice things.”



Arun Thomas

Arun is a Principal Scientist at Draper Laboratory and Chair of the RISC-V Foundation Software Task Group. At Draper, Arun leads the DARPA-funded SSITH/HOPE project, a research collaboration with the University of Pennsylvania, MIT, PSU, INRIA, Dover Microsystems, and Dornerworks to develop a hardware security architecture that enables flexible, verified policy enforcement on RISC-V. Recently, he has been exploring the use of Rust as a foundational technology for building secure systems.