Iron parts on deep roots: Using the RIOT operating system

By Christian Amsüss

Talks - Saturday, 27th April
10:25 A.M

The RIOT operating system, developed in C since around 2010 by an experienced community, provides a solid and efficient platform for modern embedded development (including support for threading), state-of-the-art networking over various transports (from Ethernet and Bluetooth to LoRa and 6LoWPAN), and is supported on a plethora of devices. How can RIOT be used in the Rust ecosystem with its strong safety guarantees? Where do they fit together, and where not? Which lessons can we learn from its interfaces, and what can we give back?


Christian Amsüss

Active in Free Software communities since 2005, and developing with embedded devices and their networks since 2011. Currently working with etonomy on facilitating more intelligent use of local and grid power.