probe-rs - your embedded tome

By Noah Hüsser

Talks - Saturday, 18th July

Ever wanted to know how the magic spell you always used to program that mystery ELF file onto your embedded target works? I did so in February 2019. This is the story of probe-rs, your magic spellbook to talk to embedded targets.

Close to a decade now, I have been working with embedded systems. While complaining about subpar tooling was always an option, stepping up and making better tooling somehow seemed impossible. One year ago, having no prior knowledge of this matter, I started to look into how debug probes and the debug interface of ARM cores works and how prior tooling, approaches this.

Today, we have a working library to interact with ARM and RISC-V targets. Of course we are not done yet. There is a plethora of embedded targets, bugs arise everyday and there is way more awesome functionality and tooling we want to provide.

This talk is the story probe-rs, giving you a little bit of the why, the how, the good and the bad and why you should use it and contribute to it.


Noah Hüsser

I am a Swiss software developer with a BSc in electrical engineering. I do lots of Rust (sometimes embedded, sometimes web, sometimes graphics) in my spare-time and as a profession at my own electrical engineering consultancy. When I don’t code I like doing Ju Jitsu or go for a hike.