How Embedded Rust can be the next Ardunio in 5 easy steps

By Tristan Lostroh

Talks - Saturday, 18th July

For the past 15 years, Arduino has been the gold standard for introducing people to Embedded Systems and programming. This talk outlines 5 steps that Rust can do to increase “market share” in the hobbyist sector.

Some of these steps are already in progress and will require little extra effort. Others are not obvious and will require resources to be allocated to them. These are not traditionally core to the Rust project and would require alternative processes to be set up.

By doing this work, however, we can increase the visibility of Rust in the Embedded space and have more Rustaceans trying to increase software quality in a fast growing sector.


Tristan Lostroh

I am a Software Engineer based in Queensland. I deal with all areas of the development stack including Hardware, Firmware, Backend and Frontend code. Building upon what I learnt at last year’s OxdizeConf, I have now started my own company, Lost Consulting to use Rust Full time.