Industrial-grade IoT application on the road with Rust on Pi

By Tristan Lostroh

Talks - Saturday, 27th April
4:40 PM

My talk will cover my experience in developing firmware in a commercial environment as a new user of Rust. Using a real-world case study, my session will cover the process by which we came to use Rust, the challenges involved with this decision, design problems we encountered (including interfacing with peripherals, GUI design, data storage and logic design) and my thoughts, based on this experience, on areas of Rust that can be improved in order to increase commercial uptake.


Tristan Lostroh

I am a Software Engineer for Clevvi based in Queensland. I deal with all areas of the development stack including Hardware, Firmware, Backend and Frontend code. One of my current projects is FridgeBrain. FridgeBrain is a system that is designed to monitor vaccine fridges to ensure that they remain at the correct temperature. I taught myself Rust to use in a project and consider myself an intermediate user. I plan to use Rust again in future in both professional and personal projects.