Appearance matters - GUI development in embedded Rust

By Rafael Carício

Talks - Saturday, 18th July

Being able to write pixels onto a display is just the first step in creating Graphical User Interfaces (GUI). Keeping widgets and formatting consistent throughout the interface is difficult, even more when you are building your application to run on embedded platforms. Using a GUI framework will help you overcome those hurdles.

This presentation will walk you through the challenges of creating Rust bindings for a popular embedded GUI library for use in no_std environments. It will also showcase the process of creating a beautiful dashboard to display your sensor’s data.


Rafael Carício

I’m a hobbyist embedded Rust developer with over a decade of professional experience in distributed systems. I love Rust and I’m fascinated with embedded development. After building my own keyboard, I wanted my next embedded Rust project to be more interactive and to involve a GUI. I discovered Pinetime and found out most of the projects were using LittlevGL for the GUI. I realised that no bindings for LVGL in Rust existed, so I decided to create one.