Embedded Rust Anywhere

By Joseph Ross & Bob Cotrell

Talks - Saturday, 27th April
2:40 PM

A practical limitation of embedded programming is that you are anchored to fragile boards, cables, and other hardware to debug and test your software. Rust’s great cross-compilation features can help you cut the cord. We show how you can organize your software to isolate hardware dependencies and replace them with simulated components. This will enable you to work hardware-free, and makes it much easier to test and verify unusual cases that hardware sensors would rarely encounter. We will demonstrate an application running both on hardware and in a desktop simulator. You can clone the repos to see first-hand the patterns we use and make them your own. Come visit us during the Impl days and try it yourself.



Joseph Ross & Bob Cotrell

Bob Cottrell and Joe Ross are helping build the next-generation kitchen starting with the June Oven. With a software ecosystem which includes kitchen appliances, mobile applications, and a real-time messaging back end, Bob and Joe are leading their team’s adoption of embedded Rust to build new appliances on constrained (and less expensive) computing hardware.