An Overview of the Embedded Rust Ecosystem

By Frans Skarman

Talks - Saturday, 18th July

If you have considered using embedded rust, you may have run into questions such as “What is embedded_hal, a pac and a hal implementation?”, “What is a driver crate?” “Where does rtfm/rtic and cortex_m fit into the picture?” This talk will give you an overview of what the crates are, how they fit together and why they exist which should give you a good place to start your embedded rust journey.


Frans Skarman

I started playing with embedded rust around 3 years ago when the first guides on the f3 discovery showed up. As the ecosystem grew, so did my rust embedded usage, eventually leading up to me becoming a maintainer on the stm32f1xx_hal crate. As of last summer, I am a PhD student who works with high level synthesis for FPGAs. Sadly, there is not much rust there (yet).