Artist Performance

By Earth To Abigail (Mynah Marie)

Artist Performance - Saturday, 18th July


Earth To Abigail (Mynah Marie)

Mynah Marie is a live coder, singer, and accordionist originally from Montreal, Canada. Working as an international artist for over 10 years, she performed in more than 10 countries alongside artists such as Soan (France), Casa Verde Colectivo (Mexico), Din Din Aviv (Israel), and Arijit Singh (India). 3 years ago, she discovered a passion for programming and technology which led her to create Earth To Abigail, a musical project where she uses her vocal and instrumental skills combined with live coding with Sonic Pi. Through this initiative, she aims to open up people’s perspective towards using a programming language as a form of artistic expression. Find Mynah on Twitter at @EarthAbigail.