Bringing More People Close to the Metal

By Rahul Thakoor

Talks - Saturday, 27th April
5:10 PM

More and more people from diverse backgrounds are looking to bridge the gap between the digital and physical world. But getting started can be intimidating. I know this first-hand as I transitioned from the medical field to IT myself. Amidst all the jargon, wires, sensors, and microcontrollers, or the assumed prior knowledge like basic electronics or programming itself in most resources, one can definitely feel lost! Rust, the language that empowers, should break down these barriers. This talk will show why we need high level and beginner-friendly resources, and how the Rust community can help.


Rahul Thakoor

A medical graduate now turned developer! I taught myself programming and basic electronics and discovered there were not many resources for people who come from a non-technical background and wish to learn programming. I have been finding ways to create resources for beginners who want to learn programming through physical computing.