How can we write the best device driver?

By Dion Dokter

Talks - Saturday, 18th July

Writing a device driver can be a lot of work, writing a good one even more.

In this talk, we’ll explore some different styles of writing to and reading from registers and we’ll be weighing the pros and the cons. It will not conclude with a definitive best way, but hopefully it will give some ideas to use for the next driver you write.


Dion Dokter

I’m a 23-year old Dutch programmer that has the luck to be able to use embedded Rust in his job. I have a BSc in Applied Computer Science. In the past I’ve worked on many (C/C++) embedded systems and have mostly worked with networking protocols. I’ve written a LoRaWAN and CANopen implementation from scratch and have always been obsessed with program architecture and ergonomic interface design.