Oxidize Global - Matrix Chat Instructions

Getting Started

Besides the video feed, we will have an ongoing chat community on our own Matrix server.

You can join these rooms by clicking on the links, or by copy-pasting the room’s Matrix address into your Matrix client. You do not need to create an account on our Matrix server — if you already have an account on another server (such as matrix.org) you may just use that to join.

Matrix, Riot and Element — what is this?

Matrix is the open source, federated messaging service that we are using as the backbone of our conference chat. The global Matrix network is built of multiple servers, such as matrix.org or chat.berline.rs. This distributed service can be accessed via clients (both web-based clients and apps). Your account (username) is bound to a server, and you should be able to use it with any client by setting your server details appropriately.

Until recently Riot.im was one of the most popular client applications for accessing the Matrix network. Riot.im has recently been re-branded to Element. All the links below will refer to the newer Element client, although you may still use the old Riot.im client to connect to our conference channels.

Creating an account

matrix.org is often under heavy load! If you experience lag while using your matrix.org account, we recommend creating a new account on our home server, as outlined below.

  1. Open the Element web client in a browser
  2. Click on “Create Account”
  3. Under “Create your account” choose “Advanced / Other”
  4. Enter this homeserver URL: https://chat.berline.rs and click Next
  5. Pick a username and a password.
    • Caveat: we currently don’t allow password resets and can’t recover them either. Make sure you remember your password!
  6. Complete the registration
  7. Use your new account to join one (or all) of the rooms listed below

Official Rooms

This is a list of rooms we recommend to join!

If you aren’t sure what to do, we recommend clicking the “Element Link”.

Room Element Link Multi-Client Link Matrix address
Oxidize Global: Announcements Link Link #OG2020-announce:chat.berline.rs
Oxidize Global: General Chat Link Link #oxidize-global:chat.berline.rs
Oxidize Global: Art Link Link #OG2020-art:chat.berline.rs
Oxidize Global: Moderation Link Link #OG2020-moderation:chat.berline.rs
Oxidize Global: Ferrous Systems Link Link #OG2020-ferrous:chat.berline.rs

More information about the official rooms

The Announcements room

This room is for organisers only to make annoucements about the conference. You should join it to keep on top of important announcements, but posting is limited to organizers only.

The Moderation room

Moderators will be hanging out here and are approachable for issues. Also feel free to get in touch in private.

The General Chat

This doubles as both a general chat and to announce if you have created a room for a topic somewhere.

Project rooms

If you run an open source project, we want to encourage you to create your own room to chat with people there! More information further below

NOTE on community channels:
If you decide to create a public room for conference attendees during the event (workshops, main conference, or Impl Days) your room is considered a part of the event and thus must adhere to the conference Code of Conduct. In order for this to be sufficiently enforced we ask you to invite the official conference matrix account (#[email protected]) to the room and provide it with Admin privileges. This ensures that the staff is able to provide a safe and welcoming experience to all participants and discussions.

The Ferrous Systems room

For all the questions to us, our engineers and what we do, to avoid clustering the global room. We’re happy to chat with you!

Talk rooms

Every talk will have a special room assigned. The room will be named after the speaker and the talk topic. Questions on the talk can be asked there.

Room Element Link Multi-Client Link Matrix Address
Oxidize Global Speaker: Jack Greenbaum Link Link #OG2020-jack-greenbaum:chat.berline.rs
Oxidize Global Speaker: Tony Arcieri Link Link #OG2020-tony-arcieri:chat.berline.rs
Oxidize Global Speaker: Andrew P. Lentvorski Link Link #OG2020-andrew-lentvorski:chat.berline.rs
Oxidize Global Speaker: Tristan Lostroh Link Link #OG2020-tristan-lostroh:chat.berline.rs
Oxidize Global Speaker: Richard Meadows Link Link #OG2020-richard-meadows:chat.berline.rs
Oxidize Global Speaker: Dion Dokter Link Link #OG2020-dion-dokter:chat.berline.rs
Oxidize Global Speaker: Frans Skarman Link Link #OG2020-frans-skarman:chat.berline.rs
Oxidize Global Speaker: Zeeshan Ali Link Link #OG2020-zeeshan-ali:chat.berline.rs
Oxidize Global Speaker: Ryan Summers Link Link #OG2020-ryan-summers:chat.berline.rs
Oxidize Global Speaker: Oliver Scherer (oli-obk) Link Link #OG2020-oli-obk:chat.berline.rs
Oxidize Global Speaker: Noah Hüsser Link Link #OG2020-noah-huesser:chat.berline.rs
Oxidize Global Speaker: Emil Fresk Link Link #og2020-emil-fresk:chat.berline.rs
Oxidize Global Speakers: Panel Link Link #OG2020-panel:chat.berline.rs