Oxidize 1K: A Remote Conference

Oxidize 1K - March 2020

Oxidize 1K was a remote-only conference for Embedded Rust Development on Friday, March 20th at 17:00 CET/09:00 PDT, running approximately four and a half hours!

Thank you to everyone who attended! If you would like to view the talks, the conference video is available here on YouTube:

Speaker Topic
Ferrous Systems Introduction and Welcome
Tony Arcieri Armistice: Embedded Rust Cryptographic Application Environment
Kornel C is Dynamically Typed
Frank A Stevenson Concurrent Event Handling in a Single Thread Using .await
Nicolas Stalder Cryptography on Cortex-M4: Rust + Assembly = 💕
Vadim Kaushan Do You Really Need to Run Your Firmware on the Device?
Jonathan ‘theJPster’ Pallant How We Got QUIC Running on the nRF9160 Before Everyone Else
Sam Aaron Special Word From Our Musical Guest
Mrinal Wadhwa IoT Needs Secure Messaging and How Rust Can Help
Conor Patrick Making an Embedded Rust NFC Application from Scratch
Bryan Cantrill Tockilator: Deducing Tock Execution Flow from Verilator Traces
Robert Jördens Ruling Quantum Technologies with Embedded Rust
Dominik Boehi probe-rs - Improving the Embedded Debug Experience
Ferrous Systems Closing Remarks
Sam Aaron 🎵 Musical Performance 🎵

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