Selected Non-Profits

The following are non-profits selected by the Oxidize team as potential recipients for donations.

If you or a non-profit you support would like to be considered for future events, please reach out to us by email.

Coding Black Females


Coding Black Females was created in 2017. We are a nonprofit organisation, and our primary aim is to provide opportunities for Black female developers to develop themselves, meet familiar faces, network, receive support and build relationships through having regular meetups. We want to meet you if you’ve been in the industry for 5 minutes, or 10 years, if you work as a freelancer or for a huge corporation. We can learn from and inspire each other, and empower the next generation to achieve success.

Black Girls Code


Kimberly Bryant (founder): I […] recall, as I pursued my studies, feeling culturally isolated: few of my classmates looked like me. While we shared similar aspirations and many good times, there’s much to be said for making any challenging journey with people of the same cultural background.

Much has changed since my college days, but there’s still a dearth of African-American women in science, technology, engineering and math professions, an absence that cannot be explained by, say, a lack of interest in these fields. Lack of access and lack of exposure to STEM topics are the likelier culprits.

By launching Black Girls Code, I hope to provide young and pre-teen girls of color opportunities to learn in-demand skills in technology and computer programming at a time when they are naturally thinking about what they want to be when they grow up.

That, really, is the Black Girls Code mission: to introduce programming and technology to a new generation of coders, coders who will become builders of technological innovation and of their own futures.



We are a group of female and non-binary Hackers, called Haecksen¹, mostly from German speaking areas. Our common goal is a more diverse tech scene. We are a part of the Chaos Computer Club (CCC) and our main communication channel is a mailinglist. We are now more than 200 women, mostly from German speaking areas. We currently have local groups in Stuttgart, Hamburg, Hannover, Karlsruhe and Berlin and we meet regularly at bigger CCC events and at our (at least) annual “geekends”. You can get in touch with us by writing to

¹ our group name “Haecksen” is pronounced the same way as the German word for witches: “Hexen”.



TransTech is an incubator for LGBTQ Talent with a focus on economically empowering the T, transgender people, in our community. At TransTech, we learn and work together to develop skills and value within marginalized LGBTQ communities. TransTech members have access to online community and trainings as well as TransTech co-working and meet-up locations.

Every donation is used to create an affirming education and employment space for transgender and gender nonconforming people, as well as anyone facing discrimination in the workplace or education. TransTech’s apprenticeship program focuses on teaching graphic design, web development, social media management, multimedia production and administrative skills. Team TransTech combines multiple levels of experience to create a robust learning community that also encourages independent study through videos and online tutorials.



The DeafIT conference is the only barrier-free education and information event in German-speaking countries of this kind. The DeafIT, the only non-profit organization in Germany which provides diverse, inclusive, and accessible conferences, workshops and events which focuses on Information Technology (IT). Also, this conference is the only meeting place for deaf, hard of hearing and CI bearers IT professionals who can share their expertise, acquire new and interesting topics that are relevant and beneficial to their careers.

Code Curious


Formerly known as Rails Girls Berlin, we’ve been offering free coding workshops for women without any background in coding since 2012.

We want to help close the gender gap in IT. Currently less than 20% of computer science majors are women, leaving women to be mostly consumers of technological products instead of creators and makers. Furthermore, it has been found that gender diversity leads to better decision making, increased creativity and enhanced, innovative performances.

We are trying to change the gender imbalance by giving women the opportunity and a community to start learning to code. In addition to that we want to empower women to follow their dreams and put their business ideas into reality without a technical co-founder.


QueerJS is a meetup series where everyone is encouraged to attend and support the speakers and the idea, but where all speakers are queer. This meetup exists to give a voice to everyone and to make a safe space where everyone is welcome.


Lesbians Who Tech


Lesbians Who Tech & Allies is a community of LGBTQ women, non-binary and trans individuals in and around tech (and the people who support them).

Our Goals: