Oxidize Global - impl days

In short

What are impl days?

impl days are a hackfest with the goal of bringing the Rust ecosystem forward. They focus on helping out with base libraries, bringing Rust into new areas or new operating systems. But it’s also important to find, mix and match what’s currently there.

The first impl days happened at RustFest 2017 and have been traditional ever since. The name is a play on the impl keyword of the Rust language. impl days are traditionally open without a conference ticket and the same goes for Oxidize.

impl days are meant to be newcomer friendly and a good place to get in touch with projects or find new contributors.

impl days usally happen at a venue where people get together, but these are different.

Oxidize Global impl days: Connecting People

The global impl days are slightly different, because everyone is around the globe. This means the impl days are constructed around different principles:

The impl days document

One of the central points of impl days is the main document. This document is a shared space for people to note down the projects they want to run.

The document can be found here: Oxidize main impl days document. The document requires signup to prevent spam and provide some tracking.

For an example of what such a document looks like, see last years document.

The intro session

There will be an intro session on Sunday morning 10:00 UTC. Projects described until then will be presented.

Publishing as a Project

If you want to start a project, improve an existing one, or just experiment with your hardware of choice, note down a section in the document. This section should include:

The last is very important to make sure you don’t have to monitor all the time and you will know if people show interest.

The impl days moderators

The impl days moderators will help in the process. They will help you write your project descriptions and help newcomers to be in touch. We can be found on the chat platform.